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      Home / Products / Chemical Products / Other Fluorides / Sodium Fluosilicate

      Sodium Fluosilicate

      Molecular Formula:Na2SiF6

      Molecular Weight:188.06
      CAS No. :16893-85-9

      Property:The product is a white crystalline powder, insoluble in alcohol, but soluble in ether.

      Applications:Itundefineds used in the manufacture of acid-resisting cement,  flotation agent, ceramic glaze glass, an opacifier of vitrous-enamels,  and for preparing other fluorides. Itundefineds also used in wood preservative,  insecticide, water treatment, leather tanning (cracking prevention) and  foam rubber.


      Chemical   Composition%Guarantee
      Purity (NaSiF6) dry basis99%min
      Free Acid0.10%max
      Water   Insolubility0.5%max
      Loss of   Weight on drying at 105℃0.3%max

      Packing: in 25kgs or 50kgs PP bags or multiply paper bags, or  1000kgs-1200kgs jumbo bags, or according to customerundefineds requirements.